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Disability Tax Credit


Designed to assist those with disabilities, the DTC offers tax relief and benefits. Whether you're navigating physical, mental, or cognitive challenges, the DTC could provide crucial assistance.


Consider the expertise of a psychologist to streamline your application process. A psychologist's diagnostic report and advocacy can bolster your case, ensuring accurate representation of your needs and increasing your chances of approval. Trust in professional support to maximize your DTC benefits and access the financial assistance you deserve.

Step 1: Begin the process with a comprehensive one-hour session led by Paloma, where she conducts a thorough clinical assessment and gathers essential information. This personalized session serves as the foundation for understanding your unique needs and tailoring subsequent steps towards your mental well-being goals.

Step 2: Upon determining that you have a high chance of qualifying and a likelihood of approval, Paloma diligently crafts a detailed report and works to assist in the submission process. With her expertise and advocacy, she ensures that your application for approval is comprehensive, accurate, and effectively represents your needs, maximizing your chances of a successful outcome.

All documents, reports and paperwork needed is mailed for application on your behalf.

Physical disabilities, PTSD,

ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Chronic Illness etc

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